Banner painting

Lengths of fabric cut to desired lengths.(calico will do)
Fabric (expensive) or water based/acrylic paints
Paint brushes
Masking tape


external image banner_sketch.jpg Sketch out your design before you start.Either do this in pen or on a computer. A useful program that is free and very easy to use is Paint.NET.

You can transfer your design to cloth by breaking it up into graphed segments.
Tape your banner material to the table or floor with masking tape to hold down the edges while you work. Draw your design onto the material with a pencil.

If you have the use of an over head projector, tape your banner material to a wall and project onto it the images you want to be part of your banner.
external image banner_masking.jpg
Use masking tape to mask off areas of the banner you wish to remain free of paint and to create sharper edges.
Paint out your design. Be careful around the edges and the masked edges - the paint can "bleed" over the edges.
As well as masking tape, you can paint around objects to create shapes. Here we used a roll of tape to create a circle.

For lettering or some graphics-- if you don't have the use of a projected image -- cut out stencils from a manila folder for each letter of the alpexternal image banner_paint1.jpghabet you will use.

When the paint dries you can use an eraser to remove pencil marks. Peel off the masking tape.
You can hang the banner from a clothes line to help it finish drying. When dry, you can display it. If you wish to hang it from a curtain road or pole, fold over a small seam along the top edge and stitch it with a sewing machine.
external image banner_circle.jpgexternal image banner_rubbing.jpgexternal image banner_hanging.jpg

  • Painting can be messy. Don't be afraid to spread out plenty of plastic sheets or drop sheets to protect floors and tables.
  • Water based paints will run in wet weather. There's no absolute way to waterproof a banner painted with them but spraying the painted areas with hairspray will offer some protection.
  • If using cut out stencils from manila card, brush the stencils with mineral turpentine before hand and then let them dry before using them on the banner. That way the paint less paint adheres to the stencils.
  • Resistance Flash presentation on banner making

The Projection Method

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