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Wollongong, Perth....

Billionaires for Coal began as a series of succesful street theatre performances created by the Illawarra branch of the Socialist Alliance and Resistance.
Billionaires for Coal is a grassroots network of corporate polluters, lobbyists, decadent heiresses, CEOs, and other winners under Liberal & Labor's economic policies.
With representatives on every important boardroom, we will stop at nothing to ensure governments continue to put profit over the 'needs' of people and the planet. After all, we know a good Prime Minister when we buy one.


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Billionaires for Coal to rally at ALP conference
'We know a good Prime Minister when we buy one'

RALLY 9am, FRIDAY JULY 31, Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre, Darling Harbour

Wollongong's satirical Billionaires for Coal group will stage a 'congratulatory' rally this Friday at the ALP National Conference in honour of the federal government's inaction on climate. In a follow up to their successful rallies in Wollongong, the Billionaires will publicly present Kevin Rudd with a huge cheque for the amount of '$whatever it takes' to ensure the government's continued compliance and capitulation to the 'Greenhouse Mafia', of which the Billionaires are proud members.

Speakers will include: Phil T Rich, Anne T Green, Cole I Lovitt, Tyke Oon, Meg A Bucks, Mr Bailout, the Monopoly Man, Cole Berner, Rich Kidd, Hugh Jearnings and more!

According to the Billionaires: 'We honestly think Kevin has been the greatest Prime Minister this country has seen since John W Howard. The billions of dollars in handouts to big polluters are just a lovely gift. We thought we might not be upgrading our luxury yacht this year, but the handouts have calmed our fears. Regarding Kevin's little white lies about funding a transition away from coal, he's really put his mouth where his money is'

'We are concerned with the 5% target, it seems a little extreme. We'd like to see that reduced to a realistic 0% or preferably even a target increase in emissions. A 5% reduction sounds like communist speak to us. But we're convinced that Kevin is committed to the great Australian tradition of being the highest polluter per capita in the world. The carbon offset idea is a wonderful little 'get out of jail for free card' too'

'And just this week Kevin has announced he will double the compensation to the coal industry to $1.5 billion as part of a new and improved ETS. Again, we would prefer he go with our proposal for a $100 billion compensation to the coal industry, but doubling it is certainly a tidy start. We can't for the life of us work out how they are convincing people that we care about jobs, the extra compensation for me will go straight towards a new stretch Hummer'

The Billionaires will congratulate conference delegates as they walk into the conference, and then plan to issue the cheque to Kevin himself. The cheque is purely 'goodwill money' (no strings attached of course). Just in case there's no red carpet provided, the Billionaires will be bringing their own.

'All year round we praise Kevin behind closed doors in personal meetings, but now it's time to make our praise publicly. After all, we know a good Prime Minister when we buy one', they concluded.

Billionaires welcome decisions to expand coalRees confirms validity of Billionaires' chant: 'Who's government? Our government!'
Thursday July 16, 2009: Wollongong's satirical Billionaires for Coal group will rally TODAY to congratulate the NSW government's plans for massive coal expansion, including the decision to lift the curfew on coal truck travel. In a follow up to their June 10 'Stand up for big polluters' rally, the Billionaires will publicly present the NSW government with a 'Nobel Pollution Prize' - an award created by the super-rich themselves - and an offer to fund future election campaigns.
The rally will take place TODAY, July 16 at the Wollongong Mall amphitheatre.

Speakers will include: Phil T Rich, Tyke Oon, Paul Uder, Anne T Green, Meg A Bucks, Hugh Jearnings and more!

According to the Billionaires: 'These decisions will be wonderful for our wallets & purses. We are particularly ecstatic about plans to build more coal-fired power stations in NSW because it will stifle the development of alternative forms of energy production. We've always considered green energy to be un-Australian, it completely disregards our needs and desires as Billionaires to make huge profits. Social and environmental justice has never been our responsibility, why should it be now?
'The approval for a $50 million expansion of the Metropolitan Colliery here on the South Coast will do wonders for Peabody Energy's bottom line. In regards to what the expansion will do to catchment water and rivers, we've always considered clean water that isn't bottled to be very over-rated anyway. And who doesn't love the sweet smell of methane as it seeps out of a cracked river bed?
'Allowing coal trucks to travel 24 hours a day, 7 days a week is to music to our ears. Well, not that we have to live there, but local residents will now enjoy the serene sounds of air brakes, engine grunting & gear changing around the clock. But most importantly it sends a clear message that our profits will continue to be prioritised over the needs of the environment and community for at least another two decades or so. You can understand our elation!
The Billionaires will issue an invite to local politicians, including Noreen Hay and David Campbell, to accept the Nobel Pollution Prize on behalf of the NSW government. As a vote of confidence, the politicians will also be presented with huge sums of money for future election campaigns.
'After all, we know a good politician when we buy one'.

For interviews or more information please contact Chris Williams 0425 329 963

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