Furniture & fittings list

For pavement:

  • Card table
  • Table cloth
  • 'A' frame with campaign posters or flutes attached
  • Campaign flutes
  • Badge board
  • Drop banner for front and sides of table
  • Plastic sheet or small tarpaulin for protection from rain showers
  • Small rocks or metal weights to prevent literature being blown off table
  • Milk crate for cartage of stall items.

Extras for other venues

  • More card tables
  • Portable canopy
  • Folding chairs
  • Several a frames
  • Transport trolley.
  • Rack for displaying t-shirts

Hardware items

  • Duct tape to attach posters and banners
  • Clipboard for petitions, sign-on lists or forms
  • Clips for forms or flyers.
  • Biros
  • Cash box.
  • String for attaching flutes to trees or poles.

Display ideas?

  • Badge board in prominent place.(Offer a large variety of badges).
  • Attach (red) flags on light (tall bamboo) poles to sides of table (only in low wind).
  • Integrate a campaign theme for stall flutes, petitions and posters.
  • Play music from portable device.
  • Run a political DVD documentary on a laptop and face the screen toward the foot traffic
  • Remember that your stall can be seen from the front and maybe on the sides as traffic passes by, so dress it accordingly.Step back and look at it.

Stock list

  • Green Left Weekly
  • Books and pamphlets
  • T-shirts
  • Badges
  • Petitions and sign on statements
  • Membership forms
  • Subscription forms
  • Stubby holders


  • Keep petitions on clipboard so that they can easily be picked up and handed to people to sign.
  • Display Green Left Weekly prominently at front of table space.
  • Select a range of books and pamphlets to display.
  • Set priorities as to what campaign literature you need to 'push' and what events you want to promote.


  • Hat
  • Sunscreen
  • Water bottle
  • Change.


  • Decide what your aims and priorities are for that occasion..
  • If you have a theme for the stall, focus on it.
  • Work from in front of the stall in preference to working from behind it.
  • Offer your free literature -- such as promotional flyers -- to passer-byes as well as the newspaper.
  • Draw people's attention to the stall collection of literature for further information or resources
  • Don't obstruct the (street) view of the stall by standing directly in front of it (especially if your stall is only one card table wide)

Campaign Stall Slideshow


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