There is no substitute for commercial printing for getting candidate posters for mass distribution, but there is a simple method for making a small number of cheap A2 professional-looking candidate posters that can be: used in office windows, laminated or mounted on cardboard and then used on stalls.

You need to get an A3 colour laser print of your candidate. Obviously use a high resolution photo and crop it literally as close to the edges of the face as possible. (This is quite important.)

Use this Corel Draw file and change your candidate's name, seat and authorisation details. This Corel file is for an A3 page. You need to print this A3 page onto two A4 pages.

This can be done by:
1 going to FILE menu > PRINT.
2 On the GENERAL tab (which it should open on), go to PROPERTIES and make sure the printer is set to LANDSCAPE. Refuse the auto option to return it to portrait.
3 Go to the LAYOUT tab (second along the list of tabs) and TICK the box that says PRINT TILED PAGES (about half way down that panel)
4. Check on the PRINT PREVIEW that the poster will be printed on (only) two pages.

Once you have two A4 pages printed, these both need to be enlarged to A3 on a normal black and white photo copier. Then you should have two black and white A3 pages and one colour A3 candidate photo. These can be stuck together (carefully) to make an attractive, colour A2 candidate poster. (the box is simply guidelines for where the photo should go - the box will be covered by the photo.) Even at commercial photocopy rates this poster should cost less than $2.50. Suitable for small numbers of posters to be used on stalls or in office windows.